What we did today………..

Our CAT D8 making light work of shifting the chalk.

 what we did today

Stuart on the CAT 320 digging out the chalk

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Loading up our Volvo A25 Dump Truck

DSC00496 (800x600) DSC00497 (800x600)

Excavate, load, haul, tip and level

DSC00511 (800x600)

The chief in his favourite machine!

DSC00533 (800x600)

Our CAT D8 with scraper box. Take a look on our YouTube channel for video footage

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Knipe Point Demolition Coverage in the York Press

Knipe Point Demolition Coverage in the York Press:


York Press Image

Image featured on the York Press website. Image by Tony Bartholemew.

Knipe Point Demolition – Coverage from The Daily Mail

Daily Mail coverage of the demolition at Knipe Point:


Below are images taken from the Daily Mail Website.

daily mail article-2282931-1831E51A000005DC-360_634x361 article-2282931-1832581E000005DC-885_634x315 article-2282931-1832585B000005DC-536_634x325 article-2282931-18325800000005DC-271_634x341 article-2282931-18325852000005DC-452_634x381 article-2282931-18325886000005DC-918_634x331

Knipe Point – Scarborough Evening News Coverage with Video

Coverage of Knipe Point demolition by The Scarborough Evening News can be found here:


Knipe Point Demolition – ITV

Knipe Point homes demolished”……..ITV

“Demolition work has started on the first of four homes left dangerously close to the edge of a cliff after a landslide.

The properties at Knipe Point in Scarborough have been condemned after the slippage – the second in recent years.

Three homes had to be pulled down in 2008. Residents say they’re living in fear of whose home will be next.”

Read the article and see the video here: