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Clear your development site with our demolition contractors.

A tried and tested demolition service


Sometimes structures need to be removed before a site can be prepared for construction work. These structures can pose risks when it comes to health and safety, not to mention the surrounding environment. A professional demolition needs to be carried out so that these factors are accounted for. Oakley Plant in Scarborough can do that for you.

A member of the Oakley Plant team operating machinery as he works on a demolition project

From rural areas to busy town centres

Oakley Plant are specialists in the demolition sector.

We can carry out deconstructions of buildings, including buildings in busy urban areas like town centres. Small scale or large, we have all the necessary equipment to ensure a smooth process, as well as a trained team of contractors who can carry out the work. Our rates are competitive too, so why not get in touch and let us know what you’re dealing with?

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Everything is accounted for with Oakley Plant

Oakley Plant is a family-run firm and we’ve been providing demolition services for over 50 years. That expertise and experience ensures a first-class service.


All demolition equipment is certified and serviced and our team are also accredited when it comes to safety and asbestos awareness. A certified demolition supervisor is always in place to oversee the work, so you can bank on a professional approach from start to finish. We cover a wide area, including Whitby, Driffield and Thirsk.

Why opt for our demolition contractors?

Professional demolition service

Any site, any scale

Fully equipped service

Qualified team

Competitive rates

57 years in the industry

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Ensure a smooth demolition process and speak to our team at Oakley Plant. Call now on 01723 582596.

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