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Plant and machinery hire to help you get your site prepped.

​Why buy equipment outright when you can hire from Oakley Plant?


No big cash outlay to think about. No ongoing equipment maintenance. And no worries about the equipment becoming obsolete. With Oakley Plant in Scarborough, you get the latest plant, in the best condition, at an affordable hire rate.

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An Oakley Plant roller on an east coast beach in North Yorkshire

The right equipment for your project

We’ve a range of plant and machinery for hire, including diggers, excavators, low loaders and tippers.

Each and every piece of equipment we hire out is certified and serviced so you know that it’s in the right condition. We also provide an operator too – one that’s CPCS-accredited – so that you’ve got somebody in the cab who can do the work you need doing. And given that they’re trained and certified, they’ll be able to do it in as efficient a manner as possible. They can work any project, big or small.

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Trusted supplier for the North Yorkshire region

Oakley Plant is a family-run company and has been in the industry now for over 50 years. And it’s through the right equipment and the right service that we’re still here today.


Our rates are affordable too and we can help you wherever you’re based in North Yorkshire, from Scarborough and Whitby to Bridlington and Driffield.

The equipment we can provide you:



Low loaders

Tippers and grabs

Dump trucks



Rippers and rollers


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Save money and cut down on production time with help from our plant and machinery hire service at Oakley Plant. Call now on 01723 582596

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